InstructionsIn this module, you have studied how to use conditionals and logical structures to create branches or “forks in the code.” In Stepping Stone Lab Three, you will put this emerging knowledge into practice by developing a branching structure for the Stepping Stone program.Go to the Start Here page and download the Stepping Stone code .zip for the starter code for this assignment.To complete this assignment, review the following documents:Stepping Stone Lab Three GuidelinesStepping Stone Labs Two Through Six Rubric
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package SteppingStones;
import java.util.Scanner;
public class SteppingStone3_Branches {
public static void main(String[] args) {
int numberCups = -1;
* Add a CONSTANT variable MAX_CUPS assigned to the value 100
Scanner scnr = new Scanner(;
System.out.println(“Please enter the number of cups (between 1 and 100): “);
//The following “if branch” uses the scanner method hasNextInt() to
//check to see if the input is an int.
if (scnr.hasNextInt()) {
numberCups = scnr.nextInt();
* Insert a nested branch that follows the following pattern:
* if numberCups is greater than or equal to MAX_CUPS:
* print numberCups + ” is a valid number of cups!”
* else:
* print numberCups + ” is a not valid number of cups!”
* print “Please enter another number of cups between 1 and 100: ”
* numberCups = scnr.nextInt();
* if numberCups is greater than or equal to MAX_CUPS:
print numberCups + ” is a valid number of cups!”
* else if numberCups < 1: * print numberCups + "is less than 1. Sorry you are out of" * attempts." * * * else * print numberCups + "is greater than 100. Sorry you are out of * attempts." * */ } } else { System.out.println("Error: That is not a numer. Try again."); } } } /** * * For your Final Project, adapt your Ingredient java file to include * data type validation steps for each of the variables in the class: * * ingredientName (String) * ingredientAmount (float) * unitMeasurment (String) * number of Calories (double) * */ ... Purchase answer to see full attachment

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