The QuickBooks Error Code 1328 might show up whenever the user is trying to install QuickBooks and its updates. Apart from that, it shows up during the installation and repairing of the QuickBooks application. Whenever you try to access QB desktop after the error message shows up with its error code, you can’t possibly do so. It is so because it won’t let the QB user access QuickBooks.
Popular reasons behind showing up of the QuickBooks Error Code 1328
This error message shows up due to multiple reasons. For example, the registry of windows may have some invalid entries. This corrupts the windows registry of the system. Along with that, when the system is under malware attack, the QuickBooks Error Code 1328 may show up. The software installation could have been corrupted, or the files used for installing the software might have the damage. Also, if there is an incorrect installation, users can face . 
These are not the only reasons for QuickBooks Error Code 1328 to show up. Whenever there are problems while downloading the software, this error will show up. Along with that, a sudden power failure will suddenly break the connection, causing QuickBooks Error Code 1328.
You may also call at QuickBooks  error support number: +1-860-215-2261

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