Okay brother so for the first part. You just need to pick 4 out 5 questions to answer in a paragraph 5-10 sentences. And give two examples. Now for the examples i don’t know how we can do this. But I can send you all the readings we did and see if that helps or I can just fix on your answers and add these examples maybe. What you think? For the second part is basically a short essay 3 pages essay. With also evidence and sources to include. I can also fix on that or if you can I will send you some infos about readings we did and stuff. I really need a good job on this because it’s final exam grade for this. And what you think about the examples from class assignments and stuff. Would u be able to give examples if I only send you the readings topics we did in class?The first pic is just names of the books with authors names that we read in class. Then all the other pics are also pdf reading assignments we did in class. You can use examples for the first part and also evidence and sources for the second part brother.I provided every things to have better examples and evidences.Attached Materials are some notes I took in class discussions they might also help out even tho my hand writing is not the best lolI just want to remind you to please make sure to include the citation in text as well as page numbers please bother
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