The take-home is similar to the group final project but you are implementing 5 classes on your own. Here are the instructions.Implementing Your ClassesTwo Resources:1. Start with this brief introduction to MS SQL Server Beginners Video: Then watch this one from Microsoft Virtual Academy Experts: From Zero to Hero: this knowledge to implement at least 5 of your final exam classes. Make sure you at least use the following SQL statement:CreateRead (Select)UpdateDeleteInsertJoinRequired:0. On completion of each of the following 7 activities, make sure you take a screen shot of your output and paste into a Microsoft Power Point file. You will upload this file to the take home final exam folder.1. Create five classes (tables) using MS SQL Server or an Equivalent Server (SQLPro Studio for Mac Users).2. Associate the classes using Foreign Keys as shown in the video.3. Use an INSERT INTO XXX VALUES ( ) to add at least 5 objects into each class using the examples shown in the video. If you are not familiar with the insert SQL method, you can add the objects using the SQL Management Studio client.4. Implement a Select method to read specific object attributes from the database.5. Implement a Select/Join method to read specific object attributes from the database.6. Implement an Update method to change a specific attribute in one of the Classes (Tables)7. Delete a specific object from one of the database tables.8. Label your Power Point slide headers appropriately for each activity

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