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Live as You Like
Do you know that 72 percent of Americans agree with the legalization of euthanasia? Over
the decades, whether society should allow euthanasia or ban it has constantly been the
controversial topic. A majority of people who are against dying with dignity have that opinion
because they believe that euthanasia will have negative impacts on society or hinder the
development of a country. However, euthanasia should be legalized due to three reasons:
maintaining dignity, retaining human rights and preventing suffering.
First of all, terminal patients can uphold their self-respect by choosing assisted suicide.
Arguably, it is believed that mercy-killing of a suffering person in the hospital is a way to respect
them. As such, instead of waiting for a person to die slowly, euthanasia would help to maintain the
dignity of the patient (Hoxhaj, 2014). For example, if a patient’s body has been completely
paralyzed he will be required to rely on families or friends to take care of him. The only thing he
can do is simply lie on the bed and look at the ceiling all day long which is a waste of time. For
that person, he is living with no self-esteem and in pure torture. Euthanasia might be extremely
negative, but when one feels that life is sadder than death, then maybe a dignified death is a form
of release. Therefore, a terminal patient’s last wish in life should be respected granting him hope
in euthanasia.
In addition to self-respect, euthanasia also enables patients to reserve their human rights.
If a person chooses to die, and they do not cause any harm to any other person, he or she should
be allowed to die by his or her choice. According to Mckenney (2018), legalizing euthanasia would
allow the patient to decide whether to die or not because death is a personal matter and everyone
has a right to choose through an informed consent. Life is the most significant thing for humans,
but it becomes meaningless without having the right to decide how it ends. It is therefore important
to legalize euthanasia to grant everyone a right to either live or die.
Lastly, dying with dignity helps people release themselves from pain. Terminal cancer
patients suffer not only physical pain but also psychological stress. These patients may experience
hopelessness of life, anxiety, lack of control, a feeling of numbness, a feeling of life futility among
others (Symons & Schüklenk, 2019). As we all know, negative emotion can affect people severely.
Legalizing euthanasia would help to prevent human mental suffering especially while they are
unconscious on life-support machines (Raus & Sterckx, 2015). If a brain-dead person on a life
support machine suffers greatly then he/she has nothing to do to alleviate the level of suffering.
Legalizing euthanasia would, therefore, give the caregivers the power to switch off the machine
and let the person die thus reducing the amount of suffering and pain. Therefore, the dying patient
may express the desire to die to relieve the pain and suffering that might generate from illness and
they should not have to suffer but should have the choice to die.
In conclusion, euthanasia is not a problem of life or death, but rather one of morality and
philosophy. Although the legalization of euthanasia faces a multitude of challenges, with the
continuous development of our countries and the enhancement of level of understanding of
euthanasia, the legalization of euthanasia can be accepted by increasingly number of people.
Society needs to persist in the study of euthanasia and change the embarrassing situation of
euthanasia. Although it can be harmful to people, with the legalization of euthanasia patients are
able to get rid of pain while sustaining their sanctity and right.

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