Introduction (2-3 pages):The topic will be The Bronxville, the suburb of New York City. Explain why this area is considered suburban. Provide an overview of the development/demographics of this suburb. Select specific time period for which you will examine. Specify an incidence, policy, program or transformation (social, economic, cultural, geographic, or demographic related to the suburb area during the time period. In other words, “The main topic will be: In this paper I will examine the Concentric Zone theory of Bronxville, New York during the time period of….Discussion (4-5 pages)
Your discussion of incidence, policy, program or transformation must examine:
The Actors: residents, realtors, homeowners associations, lawyers, business community elected officials bureaucrats etc.
Their Interests: perceived an actual home values, racial/economic homogeneity, etc.
Strategies used: zoning, restrictive covenants, lawsuits, intimidation etc.
The Outcome: Specific incidents, policy, program or transformation such as restrictive covenants, residential segregation, loss of business/industry, white flight, etc.
To be sure, your goal is to discuss(walk us through) the specific incidence, policy, program or transformation related to the suburb/suburban area during the time period. What is the story, backed up by supporting scholarly evidence (citations)
Conclusion (1-2 pages):
Considering the outcome you discussed above, what were the negative or positive externalities associated with this outcome?
Speculate on one or more of the following in your conclusion: Where do we go from here? What lessons can we learn from this research? For example you might discuss: Influence of the local governance or the business community in suburbs.****MUST USE 5 ACADEMIC SOURCES****
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