Integrated Initiation and Planning Discussion Choose a scenario:Create an employee incentive programYou work at a for-profit university. Due to strict accreditation regulations and laws related to Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 for institutions offering federal financial aid, your organization cannot offer traditional sales bonuses for employees who enroll students. Recently there has been a decline in employee morale. Senior management thinks that a new employee incentive program might boost employee morale.Define activities for a project based on the scenario you choose.Include the following:Identify the scope of the project.Define the needs of the stakeholders.Create a WBS for the project.List necessary tools and techniques.List activities, activity attributes, and milestones for the project.Sequence the activities in a chart or diagram.Submit your chart or diagramSeperately Explain: How does effective Project Integration Management help to ensure that each project is managed in a unified and consolidated way

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