Integration #2 Essay.Two parts. Typed, double-spaced.You will turn in a hard copy. Cursory answers will result in a low grade. Part A. Showcase Reflection (300 words to 350 words, minimum). This part of the assignment should address the following questions.Please work on your own. What specific issue or problem was addressed in the student project with which you chose to compare your project and what was the discipline in which the other project was housed? (e.g., English, Economics, Communication Studies) Why did you choose this project? What did you learn about the issue or problem? For example, what facts, assumptions, questions, interpretations, analysis, information were presented in the project you chose? What differences did you notice between the way your group project approached this common topic/problem and the way students in the other project approached it? For example, did the disciplines make different assumptions about the issue/problem? Did the disciplines study the problem/issue in different ways, or use different techniques? Did the two disciplines offer different explanations/answers to the same questions, or were they asking different questions? Explain. In what way did your thinking about the way in which the different disciplines approached about the same issue/problem encourage you to think about this issue differently? Are there any challenges to thinking about this issue/problem from both disciplinary perspectives? What are the benefits of thinking about this problem/topic from different disciplinary perspectives, simultaneously?
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“Angels in America” revolves around a few homosexual men
in New York City and how they deal with their sexuality. It
dramatizes how they deal with their AIDS diagnosis as well as
the diagnosis of their loved ones and friends. Additionally, the
story likewise focuses on the relationships of these men with
those who are around them.
One of the main stories involves Joe, a cloistered gay
lawyer, who is being groomed for profession achievement by a
closeted homosexual lawyer as well as a power broker, Roy. Joe
is in denial regarding his sexual orientation,and he is married to
a woman. Roy, on the other hand, has had sex with numerous
homosexual men but denies that this activity makes him
homosescual. After securing a new job, Joe struggles to
maintain his heterosexual marriage to Harper, which is already
impacted by his homosexuality.
Another story is about Louis, a Processor for the Second
Court of Appeals in Brooklyn as well as Prior’s fiancé. Dedicated
to idealistic and Marxism leftists philosophies, Louis has a
tendency to intellectualize things. He offers profound thoughts
in pompous speeches but absconds after his lover is diagnosed
with AIDS. He is unable to confront the obligations connected
to taking care of an AIDS patient. During his grandmother’s
burial, Prior reveals to Louis that he was diagnosed with AIDS.
This makes Louis freaks out. All through this challenging time,
Louis leans on various friends whom he believes would offer
In general, all the men in the book adopt various ways of
handling challenges related to sexual orientation, relationships,
and diagnosis with HIVAIDS.
Tony Kushner was born in New York City in July
16, 1956, and raised in Lake Charles, Louisiana. He
attended Columbia University where he received a
Bachelor of Arts degree in Medieval Studies in 1978
and attended the Tisch School of the Arts at New
York University where he studied directing and
graduated in 1984 . He intended to write Angels in
America to depict what it was like to be a gay man in
New York in the 1980s and felt that it was pivotol to
incorparate what was going on in America at the time
which was the AIDS epidemic.
His inspiration for the play’s title and the image
of the front cover of the published edition came
from a dream that he had. In college he had a crush
on a male dancer that died from AIDS. In his dream
the dancer came crashing down from his ceiling as
an angel, inspiring the title and subject of his play.
Helpful Context
Angels in America is set during the 80’s, which was a time
of distress for those who were homosexual or close to people
who were. The AIDS epidemic began in the 80’s and, instead
of educating the general public, the Reagan administration,
which should not only have educated the public but also should
have acted in the best interests of those who live in the U.S,
decided to take the matter as nothing more than an
unthreatening joke. By 1984,the AIDS crisis, which was
nicknamed “the Gay Plague,” caused more than two thousand
deaths, and yet research and development was slow to
commence. Politics was not on AIDS’ side and the Reagan
Administration made that very clear.
Other key points also defined and shaped the context set
around Angels in America. The science of the disease made
finding a cure difficult because the virus that caused it
replicated quickly, preventing scientists from finding an all-inone cure. In addition, the pressure of American culture,
politics, and religious belief hindered science in beginning
research and development. The hindrance allowed for the
AIDS crisis to continue, which killed and torturously infected
many. Medicine today can aid in preventing and dealing with
the symptoms that come with AIDS. Nevertheless, that
change disregards those who have already died due to the
fact that limits were set in turning this crisis around.
The play Angels in America focuses on the LGBTQ+
community and both the way it is impacted by the outside
world and how it impacts the world. The script for Angels in
America describes the engagement within the LGBTQ+
community during the AIDS crisis of the 80s. Members of the
LGBTQ+ community are defined as people within the gay
community and those who support them. This incompasses
most of the main characters and their friends. Exclusion from
this community is defined as those who are unsupportive of
members of the LGBTQ+ community. Sadly this group included
many of the homosexual characters’ close family members and
a few who are members of the LGBTQ+ community.
Each of the main characters that the story details had a
different involvement and attitude towards the gay
community. Two of the main characters, Roy Cohn and Prior
Walter, were members of the LGBTQ+ community and were
diagnosed with AIDS. Through the progression of the story
we see how these characters involvement in the community
evolves as their health struggles worsen. They both handled
their diagnosis in opposite ways. Cohn grew to resent the
LGBTQ+ community to the point where he denounced the title
of homosexual. Prior leaned on his friends and members of the
community for support as he suffered through the effects of
For many an AIDS diagnosis was isolating from larger
society. It signified the diagnosed individual as a homosexual
and many had not previously come out to friends of family
members. They didn’t feel as though the community
represented them so instead of their diagnosis pushing them
into the community, it pushed them further away. Others, like
Prior, retook ownership of their diagnosis and used it to bring
them closer to others. Many members of the community
rallied together and pushed for legislation and medical
research to benefit those suffering from AIDS.
Source: CDC, HIV Incidence: Estimated Annual Infections in
the U.S., 2010-2016, Feb. 2019.

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