Internet Addiction Assignment Some people spend most of their time connected to the Internet and staring at a computer, tablet, or mobile screen. Are you humankinda? View the (whole) video on this website: Over the course of a week, create a spreadsheet and log the time you spend using technology (each and every technology). Keep track of how much time (in numbers because you are going to do a little math on the numbers) you use each device and what you do on them. For example, I would track my work PC, iPhone, TV, home PC and home Mac. The activities I would track that I do on these devices would be social media, work, shop, keep track of exercise and maybe watch videos (entertainment).At the end of the week total the time by category and by device. Try to get a daily average for categories and/or devices. Perhaps try to chart an interesting piece of information. Then try to go 24 hours naked, meaning technology free. If needed, plan this tech-free day on the weekend when you don’t have to do homework. Sunday would be the best day for me to try to go tech free. Give your phone to a friend to carry. They can check it for you and handle any emergency messages. After completing the tasks above take the Internet Addiction test offered by the Center for Internet Addiction Recovery. You will need to manually record your scores and your level of addiction. Finish this assignment by writing reflection document in Word. Write what you learned about your technology usage and include an assessment of your quality of life with your current screen time. How could your life improve if you limited your screen time? You submit two files, your Excel with numbers and formulas adding up your time and Word file containing your reflection, here under assignment link.

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