Logistics:Length: 5-8 pages (plus works cited page), type writtenGrading Criteria: language use, understanding of course concepts, depth of analysis, use of appropriate secondary sourcesMS Word or pdf (no Apple files!)Overview:You will have three options for your final paper (choose only one!). Regardless of which option you choose, your work must be supported by at least three scholarly secondary sources, in addition to any course readings you may decide to use.Option 1: Select one of the general topics listed below, and write a paper exploring its relevance to the study of interpersonal communication. If you would like to write about something not on this list, please ask me about it.sense biaslinguistic relativismpersonality dimensionsmediationbrain lateralizationevolutionary biologyproxemicsOption 2: Select one of the topics listed below, and write a paper assessing whether or not it is vital to meaningful interpersonal communication. You may also wish to consider what constitutes meaningful IC. If you would like to write about something not on this list, please ask me about it. Mindful listeningnon-verbal communicationemotional intelligenceself-disclosureOption 3: select a public address or interview and:analyze the interaction (making sure to reference the ideas we’ve been discussing this term)if applicable, identify the source of ‘noise’if necessary, suggest a possible resolutionconsider the effect of the mediumor, if applicable, explain why the interaction proceeds smoothlyif you choose this option, you must clear your primary source with me.Be sure to provide a link to the video.

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