interview a planner of an event of their choice and submit a detailed written report of the interview and event information. Please cover the following topics in as much detail as possible:
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Person’s Name, Title, Organization, Certifications and Schools attended. Identify if this person is a
corporate planner, an association planner or an independent planner.,
Name of Meeting/Event discussed for this paper along with the date and venue.
Identify the mission of the organization and event goals. Explain how the event goals support the
overall mission. Explain how the event goals be measured for success.
Identify the financial goals (profit, break-even, or deficit). Determine the major expenses associated
with producing the event (consider pre and post event items as well).
Determine the major revenue sources for the event. Identify top event sponsors and how they
support the event (financially, in-kind, volunteerism).
Venue selection: Determine the most important factors the organization takes into consideration
when determining when and where the event takes place. Explain why these factors are important to
the organization and the success of the event.
Estimate through risk analysis (1) the probability that a specific risk may occur and (2) the
consequences if the specific risk does occur utilizing the vulnerability assessment chart. Assign a score
to internal (the organization) resources that reflects your confidence in the resources and their ability
to respond if the given risk/emergency happens. Scale of 5 (weak resources) to 1 (strong resources).
Identify key supplier partners such as cater(s), decorator(s), audio/visual supplier, general service
contractor, and any other notable suppliers as they pertain to the event.
Technology: Identify what mobile apps are used for the event. If none are used, make a
recommendation. Identify what technology is used on-site during the event.
Marketing & Promotion: Describe the target audience(s) for the event and the methods used to reach
them. What methods were most effective and why?
ADA and Inclusive Hospitality: Describe how the event recognizes if accommodations for attendees
with special needs will be needed. Assess if the event is all-inclusive (welcoming for participants of all
abilities). Explain why or why not. Identify ways the event could be made more inclusive. Areas to
consider but are not limited to registration, parking, ticketing, effective communication.
Registration & Housing: Identify all ways attendees can register to attend the event. Determine if
there is an online tool for registration, and if so, identify the tool. If there is not online registration,
identify reasons the organization may not have implemented it (i.e. attendee demographics, cost,
administration). Determine if there are host or recommended hotels and/or room block with special
hotel room rate for event attendees. If so, identify the host properties.
Food & Beverage: Describe the food and beverage utilized for the event (any scale from catered
banquet events to food vendors to water only). Explain what the event planner would need to consider
in making food and beverage selections for the event in relations to attendees, budget, theme, and
event goals. Identify food/catering trends incorporated into the event (i.e. healthful eating, local
sourcing, tapas).
Types of Functions & Set-ups: Identify event theme(s) and/or theme trends incorporated into the
event (i.e. shabby chic, colors schemes). Describe the types of functions that take place during the
event and what type of set-up is utilized for each function. Explain what considerations the event
planners would need to consider in making function set-up decisions for the functions in relations to
attendees and event goals.
Exhibitors/Vendors: Establish if the event has exhibitors and/or vendors. If so, identify the costs to
exhibitors or vendors to participate in the event and outline what the exhibitor or vendor receives for
their fee paid.
Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR): Analyze if sustainability and/or CSR is
important to the organization. Explain why or why not. Describe CSR activities, if any, that are
incorporated into the event program. Explain what sustainability efforts are in place for the
event. Identify ways the event could be more “green.”

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