Interview a project manager, or someone who is involved with project work. Potential interview questions are included below. Submit a paper (with a cover sheet & reference page) outlining the questions and responses you receive. Include the name of the individual interviewed, their role and the company they work for.
What is the main thrill or interesting reason for being a project manager?
Describe a typical work schedule during the week, including number of hours.
What directed you to become a project manager? Why not stay in some other form of business management?
Discuss examples of the project manager’s role as a team leader and a team member.
Discuss the realm and responsibilities of the project manager.
What personal characteristics are the project manager’s best allies during the job’s activities?
What skills have you had to develop or refine since becoming a project manager?
What goals are you striving for personally and professionally?
What are the things that slow you or the project down?
Describe the project manager’s professional credibility and its value.
What are a few of the frustrations you face in the job?
How does the company you work for conceive the project manager and his or her responsibilities/opportunities?
Describe any battles you have experienced to complete tasks in the most economical manner and still maintain quality or integrity.
How important is the project schedule and what purposes does it serve?
Discuss the extent of your interaction with project owners, sponsors or customers.
What is your level of involvement with contract negotiations?
Discuss your interaction with other professionals (e.g. designers, coders, analysts, marketing, engineers.)
Describe methods you use to monitor adequate communication between project owner, customer, sponsors and team members.
How do you manage and track project risk?
Describe any practices you use to manage the project schedule, budget, scope and reviews.

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