KPI SelectionBadawy, Abd El-Aziz, Idress, Hefny, and Hossam (2016) stated that many organizations are using the wrong metrics that they call key performance indicators. Instead, they offered four types of performance measures:Key result indicators (KRIs): it tells you how you have achieved in a perspective or critical success factor.Result indicators (RIs): tell you what you have done.Performance indicators (PIs): tell you what you must do.KPIs: tell you what to do to highly increase performance. (p. 47)For this assignment:Interview someone you know who is currently working on a project.Discuss the project success factors, what has been accomplished to date, what is left to be done, and what your interviewee thinks might increase performance on the project.Find out what types of metrics are being used and if, in the opinion of the interviewee, they are useful.In your written paper, consolidate what you learned in your interview and provide a synopsis of the information in less than one page. The interviewee may remain anonymous if requested. While the interviewee may remain anonymous, the organization should be an actual one with which you are familiar and noted in the paper. In the remainder of the paper, suggest whether the metrics being used are KRIs, RIs, PIs, or KPIs, and why, and if you were to recommend a change to more effectively report on the project what KRIs, RIs, PIs, or KPIs would you suggest.Paper Requirements:Be sure to properly organize your writing and include an introductory paragraph, headings/subheadings for the body of your work, discussion recommendations, and a conclusion.Format your entire paper in accordance with theYour paper should be at least five pages

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