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College of Administrative and Financial Sciences
Assignment 3
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Critical Thinking
The market for young people’s food products has increased considerably in recent years. As a
result, children have become high-potential customers and are now the focus of intense and
specialized marketing and advertising efforts.
Children and adolescents have become attractive consumers and influencers: they have an
increasing influence on their family’s purchases. Children represent an important target audience
for marketers because they have their own purchasing power, influence their parents’ purchasing
decisions, and are the consumers of tomorrow. Advertisers have an interest in seducing them from
an early age. Thus, to be sure to attract young people, companies opt for a combination of different
approaches and channels such as television advertising, contests and games, toys, the use of
popular characters, the use of various attractive colors, school marketing, Internet and branded
products etc.
Food and beverages products that target children have increased and these products are dominated
by foods that are high in calories, sugars, salt, fat, low in nutrients and therefore not compatible
with national dietary recommendations.
Mr. Fahmy has already a business in the food sector and wants to open a new subsidiary
specializing in natural and organic products for children. The goal is to provide healthy, nutritious
food and use healthier ingredients.
1. Help Mr. Fahmy define his overall goals, objectives and strategies for his new business in the
context of his mission and purpose.
2. Briefly describe the choices that Mr. Fahmy can make for each of the 4 Ps of the marketing mix.
3. Identify the target market and describe how Mr. Fahmy’s activities will respond better than the
competition to the needs of the consumer. (List consumer expectations for the product)
4. Describe the type of promotional methods that you recommend to Mr. Fahmy for the promotion
of his product line. (Identify techniques such as word of mouth, personal sales, direct marketing,
sales promotion, etc., on television, radio, social media, and newspapers).
5. Why is it important for a media planner to consider how different types of media could work
together on a media plan?

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