Language Report Instructions In Class
You have randomly been assigned a Language Submit a one-page report on this language in the
context of our course including (1) where
the language is spoken (historically and today), (2) how many speakers of the language exist
today, and whether the language is endangered, and (3) how the language is thought to be related
to other languages (what language family is it in? Has there been a lot of language contact
resulting in language change?). * For this assignment in addition to academic sources, you may use the Ethnologue website
( For full credit, please:
– follow the formatting provided in the assignments template
– draw from and cite academic materials – Turn in your assignment in PDF format on the course website. HERE IS THE BREAKDOWN OF THE GRADING FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT:
1) Is the paper at least ¾ of a page long (double-spaced) and formatted correctly? 8 points
– minus 4 points if it is between ½-3/4 of a page, minus 6 points for shorter than half a
– minus 2 points for incorrect formatting (should have 1 inch margins and be in 12 point
font) 2) Does the paper use correct formatting for citations? 2 points [go easy on them, but if it is
obviously problematic deduct a point. Only deduct 2 points if they don’t cite at all] 3) Does the paper cite academic sources? 4 points
If the info comes from a blog/ website that is obviously academic, then it is allowed. 4) Does the paper answer parts 1-3 in the above prompt? (2 points each, 6 points total)MY LANGUAGE IS: Yanomami

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