EDUC 747LEGAL ENTANGLEMENT PROJECT: PART 3 CASE LAW REVIEWS ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONSKnowledge BaseKnowledge Base: At this point, candidates will be ready to develop a knowledge base on the topic. To do so, candidates will conduct reviews of case law and other literature on the topic.Case Law Review: Candidates will review four court cases on the selected topic chosen from the Moral and Legal Issues and Collaboration assignments, applying the courts decision to how the issue was handled consistently, fairly, and ethically within the school. Regarding these court decisions, candidates must also provide a statement as evidence of his/her ability to serve as a spokesperson/advocate on these issues for students and families within the school from which the project is being developed. For example, if candidates are discussing “violation of IEPs” for the policy amendment, the FOUR cases should all have the component of “violating IEPs” within the facts of the case.It might be helpful to use the rubric components as headings in the submitted assignment to make sure components are not overlooked.Length requirement is a 2-page minimum that adheres to APA formatting. A title page and reference page must be included and do not count towards the page count requirement.

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