Lessons for the FutureThe final chapter of Essentials of Physical Anthropology (Lessons From the Past, Lessons for the Future) suggests that humans are responsible for global climatic change. The authors believe we are living during a critical period of earth’s history, when the future of the planet and its biodiversity will be decided by our choices, which will be irrevocable. Read Chapter 14 and write a reflection in response to the following prompts:1. How many species are known to science today?2. Are modern humans, as a species, successful?3. Discuss the impact of human culture on the environment.4. How has culture had an increasing impact on our success?5. What has been the greatest impact of agricultural practices?6. Discuss the global impact of the increase in human population during the past 5,000 years. 7. Provide at least one example of the consequences of past human behavior on existing populations.8. Define biodiversity.9. Discuss the impact of the loss of biodiversity resulting from human activities.10. What does the future hold for the longevity of the human species?

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