analyzing the current economic conditions and provide 3 policy recommendations that will either provide stability or maintain it. Based on a potential GDP of $19.3 trillion and a natural rate of unemployment of 4.3 %, research the tools you learned about in Unit 2 & 3 to help you analyze the health of the economy. Remember that policies can be Fiscal or Monetary.
You can use the links given to explain what an analytical essay is and how to compose one. words minimumMake sure to answer the following: (in the intro paragraph)If the economy is experiencing an expansion or recession?Is the economy below or above its potential GDP and Unemployment? Is there inflation?Are interest rates rising?*Terms of the macroeconomic measures discussed in the course (GDP, unemployment, and inflation rates). – Gather annual raw data from Bureau ofLabor Statistics (, Bureau of Economic Analysis (, or other government agencies and departments The whole requirements are on the file, thats where you’ll find everything to do for the assignment.

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