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Study on UC Davis China Union
In this article, I will study this discourse community – UC Davis Chinese
Union. The purpose of the organization is to help Chinese students
overcome these challenges and enrich their lives during their stay in
school. The organization is a large family with about 200 students and
provides them with a variety of learning and daily life services. For
example, CU provides a shuttle to welcome freshmen and take them back
from the airport. Also, they teach students when and how to pay the
tuition. It provides rental information and lists the advantages and
disadvantages of each rental information. Chinese Union has its own
official WeChat account that is easily accessible to the students so that it
is more convenient for them to access relevant information and request
assistance. Students can get information such as registration courses,
driver’s license exams, and other student activities. The reason I want to
choose this discourse community is that I think it is a useful professional
Based on the information available on the UC Davis Chinese Union, it is
evident that it was established for the main purpose of assisting Chinese
students. However, there is a high likelihood that most students are
unaware of the existence of the UC Davis Chinese Union and there is a
high likelihood that it lacks sufficient support as a result of this.
Community goal
The aim of the association is to build a community where Chinese
students can adapt to the environment quickly and get into the learning
atmosphere more quickly. It provides more Chinese students with
opportunities to learn from each other through activities. We will also
create an environment to enhance students’ ability to develop diversity
and promote social equity. It encourages students to become active
members of the campus and community.
Community structure
The internal governance of community is realized through community
autonomy. According to the rules of the club, the President of the
association shall be elected in the fall semester of each academic year, or
when necessary. Students, faculty, administrators, and alumni of the
school may become members. There is a special finance and organization
department in this department. The heads of each department are
responsible for the management of funds and activities.
A discourse community often has one or more genres to facilitate the
communication of its goals. The main internal communication method of
UC Davis Chinese Union is mainly to convey information to participants
through the WeChat public account. Because UC Davis China Union’s
organizational goal is to promote student communication and provide
easy-to-understand information services for Chinese students, UC Davis
China Union’s language style is an easy-to-understand language style.
The language used is Chinese.
Problem Statement
I have noted with a lot of concern that non-Chinese students who are not
members of the UC Davis Chinese Union are generally unaware, or
partially aware, of the existence of this discourse community. In this
research, I intend to gather information to confirm my hypothesis.
Research Question
What is the role and objective of the UC Davis Chinese Union, and is there
enough awareness of its existence?
For my research, I used both primary and secondary sources of data to
test my hypothesis. For my primary source of data, I intend to engage two
different sets of data; responses from members of the UC Davis Chinese
Union and the responses from the non-members of the UC Davis Chinese
Union. Using the problem statement and the research question, I created
a brief questionnaire meant for the members of the community. This
questionnaire asked for the interviewee’s definition of the UC Davis
Chinese Union, its role and purpose to its members, if the community has
been beneficial to the interviewee, and what measures are taken to
promote the awareness to the entire school community. A total of 20
interviewees were selected randomly as a representative sample of the
entire community.
I also developed a questionnaire for the interviewees who are not
members of the UC Davis Chinese Union. This questionnaire sought to
divide the interviewees into 3 groups; those who are aware of the UC
Davis Chinese Union and are knowledgeable of the role it plays, those
who have heard of the UC Davis Chinese Union but do not know the role
it plays, those who have neither had of the UC Davis Chinese Union nor its
role. The findings of these questionnaires played a key role in determining
the level of awareness in the school. A total of 30 interviewees were
selected randomly to answer these questionnaires.
According to the answers given by the members of the UC Davis Chinese
Union, their responses confirmed that the community plays a key role in
integrating Chinese students into the school community and promoting a
sense of unity, comfort, and togetherness among them to ensure that
they have a smooth learning experience. However, 12 out of the 20
interviewees believe that there is inadequate awareness in the school
hence they lack adequate support from other students.
The responses collected from the interviewees who are not members also
confirm that a majority of the students in the school are generally
unaware of the existence of this community. Out of the 30 respondents,
only 8 admitted to knowing the community and the role it plays in school.
9 respondents had heard of the community but were not knowledgeable
of its purpose and the remaining 13 were completely unaware of the
community’s existence.
Conclusion and solution
Some Chinese and western studies have proved that college students’
participation in society has many values and functions. From the social
point of view, community activities are an important mechanism to help
students develop themselves. From the psychological point of view,
participation in community activities can meet individual psychological
needs; From the perspective of education, the cultivation of community
activities can promote the development of students. Sound development
of personality; From the perspective of economics, students can learn the
concept and effectiveness of commitment through the management of
corporate finance and the design of social management activities. From a
political science perspective, through community leadership, students can
learn basic leadership skills. Operation can shape the literacy of good
citizens; (Conyne, 2012) from the perspective of philosophy, community
has positive values for college students, such as self-cultivation, puzzle,
physical strength, social interaction, etc., which can cultivate positive,
optimistic, enterprising and enthusiastic students. Set up a correct
outlook on life for the service crowd. (Kuh, 1993) Austin believes that
students’ learning outcomes are related to their exposure to campus
experience. The more they invest in the campus environment, the more
cognitive and emotional development they gain (Astin, 1985). Student
community is an important part of campus environment and one of the
important sources for students to experience campus life. The presence of
the Chinese students’ union at the university of California, Davis, not only
enhances the ability of community members, but also enhances their
influence in the campus community. It also helps many Chinese students
blend in quickly. The establishment of the Chinese students’ union at UC
Davis means a lot to the Chinese students at Davis. One effective way of
increasing the awareness of this community is by promoting interaction
with the surrounding community. This can be achieved in several ways,
such as engaging in activities like sports or discussions with other unions
and clubs in society. The UC Davis Chinese Union can also engage the
school administration seeking support to set up an awareness campaign.
Awareness campaigns are known to be effective when it comes to the
creation of awareness. Representatives of this union can use flyers and
posters and flyers that inform the students on what they need to know
concerning the UC Davis Chinese Union and also encourage them to join
(NCAPDA, n.d).
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