On the first slide, add a clip of a nostalgic & old, Blockbuster Video commercial, with that being representative of the past social aspect of renting physical media at rental shops for the presentation, and the benefits of it. Throughout the slides, add some images & information, of and/or relating to physical media’s (Blu-Ray discs, CD’s, etc.), premium high quality picture/sound, & permanent ownership, and digital media’s (eg. Netflix), downfalls, such as its lesser quality, & its lack of private ownership. In regards to the outline, take the exact file I linked, and fill in the blanks, structuring it exactly like how those slides would be presented publicly. There must be a Bibliography/Works Cited page in the end, so just link the basic sources that you stumbled upon throughout this project. If there is not enough information on the slides to fill in the outline, that’s okay, just do your best.
Unformatted Attachment Preview
Julian Jajo
Communication 122
Professor Wier
General Purpose: To persuade
Specific Purpose: To convince people why physical media will always be superior to digital
Attention Step/Introduction
A. Attention Getter:
B. Preview:
II. Need Step
A. Statement of a Need:
B. Illustration:
C. Ramifications:
D. Pointing:
III. Satisfaction
A. Statement of Solution:
B. Explain the Solution:
C. Theoretical Demonstration:
D. Practical Demonstration:
E. Meeting Objections:
IV. Visualization:
A. Negative:
B. Positive:
C. Now which scenario would you rather be in?
V. Action
A. Review:
B. Specific Action:
C. Intent
Works Cited

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