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previous research or the reasons for your study, and outlines your own study
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analytical frameworks used by scholars in the past, and the gap that warrants your own
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your topic
A conclusion that highlights what you have achieved in your study and suggests
directions for future studies
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There are notions about whether violent video games tend to influence the behaviors of
gamers. The proposers maintain that most players who engage themselves in violent video games
are aggressive, and this is because these games change their behaviors as one tends to act based
on what he or she associated with most. For instance, a man grows up to become aggressive
because, since childhood, he engaged in games that prompt behavior. Some examples of these
games include boxing and football. On the contrary, women tend to be submissive following
their interactions since childhood. Those opposed to the view maintain their position by making
it clear the behavior of a person is influenced by his or her friends and those around him or her
(Markey, Markey, & French, 2015). They argue that games do not play any role; instead, people
choose to play video games as their leisure activity. TIn order to gain reliable consent regarding
the subject matter, this paper presents a survey for the correlation between violence among the
gamers and violent video games.
Survey Sample, Instrument, and Analysis Methods
While anyone can play video games, children mainly, boys aged between 9 and 15 years, play
video games often. This challenged me to survey children in this age bracket to obtain
meaningful information regarding their engagement in video games and their influence on
behaviors. Again, being the population that spends most of their time on these games, it was
easier to learn from them the role of these games on their lives. The survey included only 50
participants to allow straightforward interpretation of data by the researchers. Questionnaires
facilitated the study, providing a list of items the survey participants were expected to give a
response. A questionnaire was the ultimate tool to utilize in the study since it allowed the
participants to speak their minds. Further, the instrument restricted the research from making
conclusions based on assumptions, but rather their ensured the findings were influenced by the
responses of the participants. The cross-tabulation method was utilized for the data analysis
process. The preference of this analysis method was based on the fact that it enabled the
researchers to examine relationships between compound variables and so allow them to
comprehend the connection between various variables (Greitemeyer, 2018).
Description of the Environment
The appropriate setting for the interview was the school. The reason behind the choice
was that the school provided a platform to locate the participants. Again, it was easier to tap the
children based in school with the help of their teachers through the school administration.
Permission was sought from the administration where the intents of the study and interests in
assessing the students were communicated. The communication was critical in attaining the
support of the management and gaining the needed opportunity to survey the students.
Therefore, a school was a suitable environment to carry the exercise.
Further, given the fact that teachers are always concerned about the welfare of their students,
learning about the background of the survey compelled them to encourage the researcher to
execute the study. They saw the benefits they would getting learning the impact that videogame
had on their students. With this information, they could informatively advise their students on
whether to keep playing video games or to top based on the outcomes of the survey.
Summary and Direct Quotations of the Informant’s Words
To ensure that the data collected was relevant, it was necessary to engage one of the participants
to confirm if his responses detailed in the questionnaire matched with his comments while
involving him. Ideally, by making a comparison, it is apparent that the participant was speaking
his mind. While it was necessary to maintain confidentiality among the participants, each
participant identified himself with a unique letter, and their teachers were restricted from
learning the letters that were presented to the students, and this helped to maintain privacy.
Overall, the results indicated that violent video games were integral in inflicting children with
extreme behaviors. This also aligned the comments presented by the selected participant, where
his remarks reflected how his engagement in these games had seen his behavior change. In
particular, he commented that “playing video games at home for two years now has seen my
mother warning me all the time against harming my siblings.”
Interviewer: I understand that you play video games, and your comment suggests that you even
play wrestling, specifically smackdown. Does this game make you act violently?
Respondent: to tell the truth, before playing video games, I hardly received warnings about
harming those around me. Similar to my mother, four of my classmates have reported me to the
teacher because of being violent to them.
Results based on Cross-Tabulation Method
Do you play video games%
Are the games marked with
violent episodes%
Are you violent when
engaging others?
Before playing these games,
were you aggressive?
Is there a connection between
your behaviors and the
violent behaviors
demonstrated in the games?
Survey Results
Do you play
video games%
Are the games Are you violent Before playing
marked with when engaging these games
were you
Figure 1 Survey Results on Video Games
Is there a
between your
behaviors and
the violent
in the games?
Objective Writing, Reflexive Reactions, and Secondary Sources
From the findings, while not every student commented that engaging in violent video
games make them act violently, 75% of them said that playing these games had impacted them
negatively in that their behaviors had changed detrimentally as they always moved aggressively.
These findings reveal a connection between violent actions among gamers and violent video
games. Based on the reflective reactions, these findings seem to match with the assertions of
various researchers as some pieces of evidence make it clear that the behaviors of the children
are molded based on their observations (Shao and Wang, 2019; Kimmig, Andringa and Derntl,
2018). The assertions demonstrate that children tend to act based on what they have observed in
video games, as postulated by the social learning theory (Bandura, 1977). Lastly, looking at the
secondary sources, they have been contrasting opinions from the authors regarding the impact of
video games on the behaviors of gamers. While some of them support the connection, others feel
that there is no correlation between violent video games and aggression in players (DeCamp &
Ferguson, 2017).
A Reproduction of the Informant’s Voice
While engaging the respondent, I realized that he spoke in a certain way. I could trace
some comments suggests his real speech. To put it, rather than the respondent commenting that
he was shy before starting playing violent video games, he commented: “before playing video
games, I was a wallflower.” Again, while interviewing him, I heard him saying ‘ginormous,’
which is slang for something gigantic. At some point, the respondent added, “I wanna have fun
when playing the stuff.”
This paper attempted to determine the relationship between playing violent video games
and violent behaviors demonstrated by gamers. The findings show a relationship, and they even
support the assertions of various authors. The responses obtained from the survey were analyzed
using the cross-tabulation method. The results of the study revealed that people tend to behave
based on what they observe, and this is also what happens to gamers. Given the gravity of the
concern, it would be necessary to engage mechanisms that will reduce the engagement of the
players on the violent video games as it will, in the end, affect them to an extent, it would be
difficult to modify their behaviors
Bandura, A. (1977). Social Learning Theory. New York: General Learning Press.
DeCamp, W., & Ferguson, C. J. (2017). The impact of the degree of exposure to violent video
games, family background, and other factors on youth violence. Journal of youth and
adolescence, 46(2), 388-400.
Greitemeyer, T. (2018). The spreading impact of playing violent video games on aggression.
Computers in human behavior, 80, 216-219.
Kimmig, A.S., Andringa, G., and Derntl, B. (2018). Potential Adverse Effects of Violent Video
Gaming: Interpersonal- Affective Traits Are Rather Impaired Than Disinhibition in Young
Adults Front Psychol. 2018; 9: 736. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2018.00736
Markey, P. M., Markey, C. N., & French, J. E. (2015). Violent video games and real-world
violence: Rhetoric versus data. Psychology of Popular Media Culture, 4(4), 277.
Shao, R., and Wang, Y. (2019). The Relation of Violent Video Games to Adolescent Aggression:
An Examination of Moderated Mediation Effect Front Psychol. 2019; 10: 384. doi:

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