Major Project for JRN 4401-Managing an actual media is a Troy University official student-run on-line radio station.It”broadcasts”from noon till midnight weekdays(central time).It needs to raise about$200 a month to meet its expenses,license fees, etc.This puts it in competition for advertising dollars with every other media outlet in Pike County,including the Troy Messenger,Troy Cablevision Channel 52,and WTBF-AM(1947)and WTBF-FM(1997),the only commercial stations in Pike County. WTBF-AM is a”local”station,playing primarily to the Troy population of approx.15,000 and to a lesser extent,Pike County,with about the same number or residents. WTBF-FM is an”oldies”station,with older demographics(35-65),and is more local than most but also carries news and information to appeal to the entire Wiregrass,which their signal covers well. Troy Messenger is the only local newspaper,and it is published five days a week.They skip Monday and Sunday. Group One is managing do we play in order to attract our core audience,how much are commercials,and what can we do to promote it? Group Two gets to be the new owners of WTBF-AM/FM.How do we maintain the current level of service and profit against this new upstart? What do we play and why?How do we promote?What do we charge? Group Three gets to be the new owners of the Troy Messenger. Group Four gets to start a new TV station in Pike County. You will be a part of any group(you choose).Each group will present on thelast regular day of class.I am available to help groups and to answer any questions or offer any advice.As a class you decide on whether you want a traditional broadcast radio station or strictly an on-line station.Then you decide on the target audience,which informs your decision about programming.You will also set advertising rates to pay for everything,and create promotions to let everyone know about your new station.Everyone gets as assignment on the role they will play in this project:format implementation(music?talk?live?automation?hybrid?);set the costof advertising and justifying it;deciding what to do about news or sports;create a promotion to publicize that a new station has arrived.This is a class project.Everyone should play a role.When you decide to operate a broadcast station,you must first decide several things:Who can we get to listen to(or watch)our station?(what demographics will we serve?) What will we play on our station?What format will we choose(the overall type of shows) How much news or sports will we use and when? Will we choose live operation,automation,a combination(or hybrid)of the two,or voice-tracking? What will be the style and feel of the station?This is the original information on the our class modules. Our group have 3 members. You can select any group as you want within the groups given above for everyone of us. Decided Nov.14:target demographic:18-30.Format:Fun Jack.Online station only,60 hours a week,$200 monthly expenses for licensing fees and streaming software. The word count for this assignment is enough for five minutes to read.

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