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Part A
1. Distinguish among a systematic sample, a cluster sample, and a stratified sample. Give
examples of each.
2. What is the difference between measurement validity and interview validation?
3. What is meant by the editing process? Should editors be allowed to fill in what they think a
respondent meant in response to open-ended questions if the information seems incom- plete?
Why or why not?
6. Describe an intelligent data entry system. Why are data typically entered directly from the
questionnaire into the data entry device?
7. What is the purpose of machine cleaning data? Give some examples of how data can be machine
cleaned. Do you think that machine cleaning is an expensive and unnecessary step in the data
tabulation process? Why or why not?
9. Illustrate the various alternatives for using percentages in one-way frequency tables. Explain the
logic of choosing one alternative method over another.
10. Explain the differences among the mean, median, and mode. Give an example in which the
researcher might be interested in each of these measures of central tendency.
14. What is the purpose of logical cleaning data? Give some examples of how data can be logically cleaned. Do you think that logical cleaning is an expensive and unnecessary step in the data
tabulation process? Why or why not?
15. Explain the notions of mathematical differences, managerially important differences, and
statistical significance. Can results be statistically significant and yet lack managerial importance? Explain your answer.
16. Describe the steps in the procedure for testing hypotheses. Discuss the difference between a
null hypothesis and an alternative hypothesis.
17. Distinguish between a type I error and a type II error. What is the relationship between the two?
Part B
6. What is meant by a country-of-origin effect? Choose a product category for which there is a
country-of-origin effect and find an example of a company or brand that is using it in its IMC
7. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using a global advertising campaign. For
what type of products/services is a global advertising approach appropriate?
9) Discuss the evolving role of the Internet and other digital and social media in the IMC
program of international marketers. How can marketers make effective use of digital and
social media in marketing their products and services in various countries?
1. Give examples of some of the companies that have used this form of advertising the
(empowerment of females in advertising). Why do you think they have done this? Is it for
altruism or financial gain?
2. What are some of the reasons for the low number of minorities, such as African Americans,
working in advertising? How can the industry address this problem?
3. Companies like Old Navy and General Mills have employed the use of interracial ads, and have
stirred up both controversy and support. Comments have been made that while some believe
that we are in a postracism era, others disagree. Provide arguments for both sides and explain
the potential impact on the brands
4. Discuss how attitudes toward the use of sex in advertising differ between men and women.
Discuss the implications of these attitudinal differences for marketers who are developing ads for
each sex

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