Only respond if you have a good knowledge of microeconomics. This is a microeconomics power point presentation with a voice over. Please use a clear voice that is not reading too fast, would be preferable if you were a female as I am as well. Attatched is the link for the assignment. This is my final assignment before I graduate so I definitely need a high grade. Please only respond if you think you can give that, and if it is done well i always tip well. Thank you. and as always absolutely no plagiarizing. If the link of instructinos does not show up please let me know and I will copy and paste it all over.
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Industrial Analysis
To prepare an analysis of industrial analysis you need to:
1. Look at the list of industries. It can be found in:
North American Industry Classification System
2. Do your own research in google. Look for …name of the industry …+ trends or news
or analysis or companies.
3. Explore our Library website
Go to
The projects will lead to a presentation (Voice over Power Point or Prezi) on various aspects
of the recent development of these industries (either in the US or globally).
The industry analyses should be concise discussions of recent trends in

the structure of the industry;
the competitive nature of the industry;
the turnover of firms;
the causes of industry growth and decline;
the extent of government intervention into the industry
and anything more that is interesting for you.
You should come up with an industry to study early in the term and can follow current
developments through articles in publications such as The Wall Street Journal, The
Economist, or Business Week. You don’t need to cover all of the topics. It’s fine if you
discuss the industry and pick 5-6 topics that you find the most interesting.
Detail information about industries is available through
Presentation of your research should be in a form of voice-over Power Point, LearnScape
(, or Prezi presentation.
Before you start your work on presenting your research watch Powerful Presentations
available at:
Voice over PowerPoint tutorial:
Prezi offers free standard version (
Your presentation should be about 10-15 minutes long and should include a bibliography of
sources that you have used in creating the presentation, information how current are the
data you used. It is important that you include visuals, as I do not want just all text. You
also need to have a voice-over narration.
Prezi tutorial:
➢ Prezi Essential Training:
➢ Instructions for getting started at
➢ Instructions for adding your narration:
➢ Examples:
This project supposed to be fun and exciting for you! If you have any problems, please
contact me at

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