need help with discussion assignment thank you Between now and Dec. 11th, select an article from newspapers or journals (example: The New York Times, The Economist, Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, etc.) that relate to a Microeconomic concept that we are studying in this class. The story obviously need not be directly about economic theory but can contain ideas that relate to the concepts being studied, or can be analyzed using economic principles. In particular you will find many stories that relate to the last few chapters on international issues,global markets, etc.Provide a link to the article for others to read,and in a paragraph or two – summarize the article, analyze the content and show how it relates to the concepts being studied. Provide any additional comments if you wish.Discussion Assignment Part 2: Due on or before Dec. 18th (4 points)By Dec. 18th, respond to someone else’s posting – say why you agree or disagree with the article and provide additional comments. The comments may be a critique of the viewpoint of the article or the student’s comments,an addition that enhances the analysis, or some other perspective on the same issue.Postings can be done in the same manner as the “Meet the Class”postings. The assignment is meant to be a “discussion” and so you may respond more than once or carry on a discussion. Create a new posting when you submit your article but “reply” to respond to someone else’s posting.5

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