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Junshen Kuang
December 7, 2019
SWU 250 Concepts and Utilization in Personal Life
SWU 250 is an informative course that propagates quintessential knowledge about stress
management and mindfulness in a practical, engaging and interactive means. The course combines
a number of techniques and methodology to assist in the bio-, physio- and social components of
wellness to aid in stress management and reduction. In a society riddled with predicaments and
social issues, the course helps to acclimatize the learner with skills, aptitude and technical
knowhow on how stress emerges, escalates and the techniques to combat and manage it
efficaciously. SWU 250 is an informative and edifying course that imparts skills and knowledge
on controlling and reducing stress.
Firstly, the course imparts quintessential knowledge on a proactive and workable
humanistic approach to personal growth and progression through embracing every moment. The
course provides information on how to reach one’s potential through self-actualization by battling
fear and anger (Napoli, 2018). The course provides a skill set for battling fear and controlling anger
to be a better person and, in the process, efficaciously cope and manage stress (Napoli, 2018). Fear
and anger impeded mindfulness and accommodation of others as they cloud one’s judgement. A
clouded judgement paints a maligned picture of one’s self and of others, which culminates in
intolerance. Finally, it also teaches about empathy and non-judgmentally acknowledging others to
mindfully coexist with them.
Secondly, the course also provides vital knowledge on social interdependence, through the
concepts of acknowledgement, attention and acceptance (cooperating and competing with others
in a socially tolerant manner). As earlier on highlighted, the course vitally assists in adjusting
people’s attitudes pertinent to their social setting. As such, it assists in comprehending other
people’s tastes and preferences and considering them when making decisions affecting them
(Napoli, 2018). The course, therefore, is essential in social tolerance, accommodation and cohesion
as people learn about other people’s likes, tastes and preferences. Moreover, the course takes a
proactive approach through experiential learning that stimulates the student to positively
accommodate the self and others while employing an array of mediums and teaching tools.
Thirdly, the course also importantly teaches about self-realization by making pertinent
choices on one’s passion and following one’s dreams and passions. Interestingly, the course firstly
asks for people to learn how to cope with stresses through various techniques while also being
mindful of others (Napoli, 2018). Moreover, it also teaches about eco psychology, which is
harmonious coexistence with the environment to avert elevating stress. As such, the course calls
for a balance between these aspects to help in self-realizing one’s passions as goals (Napoli, 2018).
The course imparts knowledge and skills that helps in realization of these passions. After
realization and exposure, the course teaches that the next step is actualizing these passions in a
joyful and happy manner that culminates in fulfillment.
In agglomeration, the course is a useful resource in the management and controlling of
stress. The knowledge propagated helps to arm the individual with both knowledge and skills to
avert social stresses. The course also assists in the journey to self-actualization as it propagates
knowledge and information that assists an individual in unearthing, realizing and following their
passions in a jolly methodical approach. In the same journey, the course also aids in adjusting
one’s attitude to accommodate others and cohesively coexist with them. Finally, the course also
teaches about eco psychology, which vitally helps in coping with stress through environmental
Napoli, M. (2018). Tools for mindful living: Practicing the 4-step MAC guide. Place of
publication not identified: Kendall Hunt.

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