InstructionsIdentify a problem, concern, or opportunity to use as the focus for your Proposal Memo (and subsequent Final Recommendation Report).In preparation for those assignments, first formulate a problem statement about your issue that encompasses all three appeals discussed in the reading “Persuasion” (ethos, logos, & pathos). Adhere to the standards of style for professional writing (tone, language, mechanics, etc.), and make this post persuasive. Convince your readers that you truly have identified a legitimate problem or opportunity, one that bears investigation.When you post your problem statement to this discussion board, clearly indicate (parenthetically) each of the three appeals you used: ethos (a reliance on credibility), logos (logic—data and facts), and pathos (emotional approach).Strive to motivate your audience by integrating your appeals organically and strategically into the narrative that describes your problem. Your post must reach a minimum of 250 words to receive full credit.Recall that your problem statement will form the basis for your proposal memo and, ultimately, for your final recommendation report. Please see the Proposal, Presentation & Final Recommendation Report Flow Chart for a visual on this process.Think about the progression of documents this way…First: You identified a problem that needs addressing or an opportunity to improve a process or service. You have sought approval and feedback from your instructor and have made any necessary adjustments.Second: You’re now writing a problem statement about that issue, using the three appeals (ethos, logos, and pathos) to move your audience.Third: Then, you will write a proposal memo. In your memo, you outline your steps for conducting the research so that you can arrive at a recommendation. In fact, you will use your problem statement as the first topic heading within your proposal memo.Fourth (and subsequent steps): Take that proposal, conduct the research, assess success markers, identify plans, gather up data, visuals, etc. and turn all of that material—along with your discussion, conclusion, and recommendations—into your final report.

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