Name a few of the important styles of world music that emerged in the 1980s?What is the “Seattle sound”?What are the meanings of “alternative” as it pertains to popular music styles?Does rap reinforce stereotypes, or does it give a realistic depiction of urban life in African American communities?What makes Prince one of the most creative and influential artists of the 1980s? Describe the similarities and differences between East Coast and West Coast rap styles . Include significant artists .—How has globalization affected American popular music ? What impacts has Ameri can popular music exerted around the world ?What strategies have hip-hop artists adopted to maintain the rebellious spirit of the genre while increasing its mainstream appeal?How have changes in the relationships between musicians, their audiences, and the music business affected rock music in the 2000s?Why has live concert performance become increasingly important in the popular music economy of the twenty-first century?In what ways have digital technologies impacted the production, distribution, and consumption of popular music since the year 2000?

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