InstructionsA telecom company is considering upgrading their infrastructure in
your city and they have hired G&B Consulting. The telecom company
would be willing to invest in upgraded lines that offer higher speeds
and bandwidth, but it is costly to do so and they are afraid they might
make the investment but not have customers willing to upgrade their
services which would be needed to recoup their profits. The alternative
would be to keep the old infrastructure, but there are already a high
amount of service complaints from the customer base. The telecom company
needs to determine if investing in the improved service will pay off
for them by having a sufficient amount of customers buy the upgraded
service. You have been tasked with helping them determine their optimum
strategy.What to SubmitTo complete this assignment, you must first download the word document.Your step-by-step breakdown of the problems, including explanations
and all work shown, should be present within the PowerPoint you create.
Do not submit the Word document with instructions.

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