Kindly refer the attached document for a brief idea on the Apple Inc data based on which the project is required concentrating on the following points:Plan needs to be of a minimum of 2 – 3 pages describing – 1) The importance of the Plan2) How does it pertains to your residency company3) How your role in the company can help the plan be successful.Kindly review and revert if you require any further details on the same.
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Manufacturing industry: Apple Inc
Apple Inc
The discussed Risk control strategies include:
 Business impact analysis
 Incident response plan
 Disaster recovery plan
 Business continuity plan
Business impact analysis
 Apple Inc. is one of the most successful tech
corporation in the world
 The company expanded its business operations
into information service and entertainment
 For instance, the company introduced the iTune
Store for streaming music online
 It is considered one of the leading online music
retailers, software solutions and video streaming
Business impact analysis
 Apple Inc. is one of the most successful tech
corporation in the world
 The company expanded its business operations
into information service and entertainment
 The company introduced the iTune Store for
streaming music online
Business impact analysis
 Apple is one of the leading online music retailers,
software solutions and video streaming companies
 Despite the company’ unique brand, Apple Inc.’s
business operational model has maintained a
perpetual market success
 The company reported revenue of $220.23 billion
in the year ending 2016
Business impact analysis
 The company reported sales of $60.78 billion in
the year ending 2017
 The company was able to record a profit margin of
20.67% for the second of 2017
 Apple Inc. is one of the leading technology
companies that are generating lump sum of
Business impact analysis
 The company had $35.8 billion in banks on July 31st
 However, this now calls for increased corporate
taxation in the U.S.
 The company depends heavily on reduced
manufacturing cost in China
Business impact analysis
 Political and social unrest in the country, however
disrupts their manufacturing services
 The U.S. government is reconsidering restricting
imports from China as a way of boosting American
 In response, Apple is establishing major factor
facilities in the United States
Incident response plan
 Apple Inc. has an incident response plan in place
to ensure that any breach or incident in the
organization is counteracted or resolved within the
quickest possible time.
 The company management has implemented a
business response plan
 It is clearly elaborated for dealing with any
Incident response plan
 The company’s incident response plan is

encompassed of six components:
Organization and staff preparation
Breach containment
Incident identification
Data services and recovery
Problem eradication
Incident response plan
Incident response plan
 The organization has adequate incident response
approach that provides a course of actions for all
major incidents
 Some disastrous incidents can result to massive
data or network breach and it can negatively
impact the organization.
 Apple Inc. management has put in place a detailed
incident response plan for containment of any
Incident response plan
 A team has been formed in the organization with
the role of ensuring effective implementation of the
incident response plan
 The team is comprised of skilled IT staff who are
responsible for collecting, preserving and
analyzing of incidents
 The group works closely with communication
experts and lawyers to ensure that legal
stipulations are met
 For example, the company has skilled personnel in
place for maintenance of their websites and apps
Disaster recovery plan
 Apple Inc. has sets of tools, policies and
procedures useful for enabling continuation or
recovery of key technological systems and
infrastructure in case of disaster
 The company’s recovery policies focus on the
technology system that supports crucial business
Disaster recovery plan
 These policies also incorporate critical elements of
IT services and infrastructure relating to
communications including data
 The company has implemented effective disaster
recovery plan with clear, laid-down instructions
 And procedures for responding to eventual
incident such as fire or flooding
Disaster recovery plan
 The organization’s plan comprise of precaution
measures to help in minimizing the effects of disaster
 This is important to ensure business continuity
 Disaster recovery plan involves a critical analysis of
business continuity and processing needs
 Apple Inc. involve in performing analytical business
impact procession and risk analysis
Disaster recovery plan
 It is useful for establishing a recovery point objective
and recovery time objective
 The disaster recovery begins at the business level
 Recovery strategies are essential for defining the
organization’s plan for responding to disastrous
 For example, the company is fully prepared for
recovery of its business operations in case of flood or
fire outbreak
Disaster recovery plan
 For effective determination of the appropriate

recovery strategy;
Apple Inc. involves in considering issues such as:
Resources – physical facilities and people
Budgetary allocation
Business continuity plan
 Business continuity plan is the Apple’s plan
 It helps to ensure that business processes can
continue without disruption
 The company is well prepared for disasters or
 Such disasters or emergencies include the fire or
Business continuity plan
 Business continuity plan of the company involve the
following key components:
 Critical analysis of organizational threats
 The list of key tasks
 Easy location of the managerial contact information
 Directive procedures for personnel guidance in the
event of disaster
Business continuity plan
 The company also maintains a list of people in the
managerial positions and their telephone contacts
 This is crucial for ensuring elaborative
communication between them in case of disaster
 Apple Inc. also uses disaster recovery plans and
utilization of data backup
 For example, the company run a cloud computing
technology for safeguarding of its data
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