Please respond to BOTH of the following prompts.

Question A

What are the most common wireless technologies in use today on computer networks, and what capabilities do they provide that increase mobility?

Question B

What is the difference between asynchronous and synchronous network connections, and why is it important to know the difference?


                                      CLASSMATES DISCUSSION

Question A

The most common wireless technology in use today on computers is radio frequency (RF).  Needless to say, this technology is being used in our homes, businesses, airplanes, buses, and trains. With the implementation of 5G networks, wireless speed and reliability has greatly improved which has positively impacted our mobility. Using IoT devices, we can now monitor home security or track company dashboards using our smartphones.  This technology has led to the development of smart cities globally and autonomous drones.    

Question B

Asynchronous network connection utilizes start, parity, and stop bits when data is transmitted on every frame or packets of data.  The start bit signals the start of the frame, the parity bit is used to perform error checks within the frame, and the stop bit signals the last part of the frame.   This process is included in every data that is sent over an asynchronous network which results in a slow transmission rate.  

Synchronous connection utilizes similar to asynchronous connection when it comes to start, parity, and stop bits.   Within the synchronous connection, it uses the start and end flag. In between them, it will have a control byte (identifies the priority of the frame), address (identifies the destination), data (information), and checksum (error checks).  With a synchronous network, it is possible to send a lot of data in a single package. This is an advantage of a synchronous network.  It is able to process a lot more data efficiently and process it faster compared to asynchronous connection.   The result is a faster network connection.


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