Lab K – Part 1: Create page layouts using Elementor Plugin.Objectives:Create custom page layouts using the Elementor plugin.Requirements:Install and activate the Elementor pluginCreate 2 unique page layouts for your site using Elementor.Use an Elementor template for at least 1 page on your siteIndicate which pages use the layouts you createdGrading Rubric:CriteriaPointsInstall and activate the Elementor plugin10 pointsCreate 2 unique page layouts using Elementor20 pointsUse an Elementor template on one page10 pointsIdentify the pages where your layouts can be viewed.10 pointsTotal50 pointsLab K – Part 2: Customize your site with a custom gravatar, menu icons and auto-generated copyright dateObjectives:Create custom page layouts using the Elementor plugin.Requirements:Create a custom gravatar for your siteAdd the custom gravatar as the default user gravatarAdd menu icons to your main menuCreate code to utomatically update the copyright date in the footer to the current year.Grading Rubric:CriteriaPointsCreate a custom gravatar10 pointsAdd the custom gravatar as the default10 pointsAdd icons to your menu20 pointsAdd code to automatically update the copyright date in the footer10 pointsTotal50 pointsLab K – Part 3: Finalize your siteObjectives:Apply finishing touches for a complete and profession WordPress siteRequirements:Apply additional styles to your Underscores theme for a pleasing and professional lookUpdate content for a cohesive and complete website:At least 3 static pages with 3-5 paragraphs and imagesAt least 20 blog posts with images and full paragraphs of textAt least 3 blog entries for each categoryGrading Rubric:CriteriaPointsTheme customized for a professional and pleasing overall look10 pointsSite has at least 3 static pages with 3-5 paragraphs (5 points each15 pointsSite contains at least 20 blog posts with full paragraphs and images10 pointsEach category has at least 3 blog entries15 pointsTotal50 points

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