Need help with project. Part A: 4-6 pagesPart B: 3 pages Look at the PDF I uploaded below for further details
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PART A (4-6 pages)
The Simulation Report: ​IRAN
Role Play
The simulation involves a role play scenario where you are required to study an international
relations situation and produce a Report along with the Literature Review and a Bibliography.
You will either take on the personality and perspectives of Iran, United States, China, Russia,
European Union (EU-3) or the United Nations (AIEA). Go online to, or other search engine and search any terms that you do not understand.
For example, “EU-3 and Iran nuclear”, “AIEA”, “AIEA and Iran nuclear”, “Iran nuclear”, “Russia
and Iran nuclear”, “the US and Iran nuclear, etc. Flash review online videos, speeches, news
reports, websites, policy statements, White House documents and reports, UN documents and
reports and other materials to gain knowledge regarding this international relations (IR) issue.
Your paper should demonstrate that you were able to complete the following tasks:

Create a timeline of key events from your actor’s point of view, related to the Simulation
Project. Include historical events as well
Write an opening statement. Also include a final proposed solution, from your avatar’s
Develop a position summary of your actor’s position on the nuclear situation
Explain how was this issue significant to your nation?
Articulate the policy objectives of your nation?
Explain who are your allies and adversaries on these issues?
Set forth the various strategies that could be pursued in the negotiations?
Explain whether you reached your objectives? Why or Why not?
Articulate your final recommendations to the international community?
Set forth your role profile (background, points, facts, statement of the position of your
Develop a final position argument to support your actor’s position on the situation as if
you were going to present it at a multilateral conference in front of the media
Provide maps and other information
Write your handbook (Final Simulation Report) as if you have prepared it for a
multilateral conference of all parties to discuss to resolve this crises
Provide helpful websites and maps, graphics and other visuals to enhance your
explanation of what is happening and why.
Prepare Your Simulation Report, Literature Review and Bibliography as if it were for a
Pretend that the ultimate goal of your Report, Literature Review and Bibliography) is to present
it at a Conference. For example, a UN General Assembly meeting, at which players will present
position papers regarding their role and perspectives, to negotiate agreements to resolve any
outstanding issues arising during the simulation. Also imagine that this meeting or Conference
will determine the actions of the various countries involved and outcomes. Be sure to ask for
what your avatar wants, in terms of what will happen regarding the Iranian nuclear situation.
Role Profile
Part of this project involves developing a role profile. The object of the game for the students is
to reach the objectives they set out in their Role Profile and enhance the position of their role in
the game. ​The role profile should show that you can imagine and set forth in writing:

A description of your actor’s political agenda
Character traits, background and interests
Long- and short-term political objectives
Who are your allies and opponents?
When you represent your country or when you interact with other leaders, you will need to know
their position on particular issues. This is a very important task, and requires the students to
engage in a considerable amount of research. Students show considerable initiative in tackling
this task. For example, you may want to contact, or visit the website of the embassy of your role.
For many, this may be your first attempt at “real” research. You are encouraged to find primary
sources such as speeches, books or articles written by the leader of your country/organization,
or interviews. Please use maps, pictures, audio, video materials, original documents to create
your role profile.
Timeline of Major Events in the Nuclear Crisis
Research and present the critical dates related to the current Iranian nuclear crisis from the
point of view of your actor’s position in its relations with Iran. You can also add critical milestone
dates with other countries and organizations involved in the crises. Use any format you prefer.
You can be creative in using pictures, graphics, audio and video clips to enhance your
Samples of Links to Help with Your Timeline
Iran Timeline ​
Position Summary
Clarify the introductory position that your actor will be taking. You will need to provide a
justification for this position. State your actor’s national interests and goals related to the current
nuclear crises. Set forth the strategies you plan to use to enhance your national interests?
State your desired outcome. Image and state your worst case scenario
Maps and Pictures
Include a map of your country/actor in relation to the world (i.e. world map identifying your
country). Include pictures, graphics or other key documents related to your country/actor’s role
in the Iranian nuclear situation. Note: When you use other sources as part of your country
handbook, all sources must have proper citation and referencing. Please include a list of
references. If you have graphics or link in your materials, please provide the Internet (URL)
address. This list will eventually become your Bibliography and the Literature Review and
Bibliography Assignment.
PART B (3 pages)
Required to read the New York Times. You are to select an article or op-ed piece related
to international relations. Write a paper describing your reaction to the readings.
DIRECTIONS: Reaction papers consist of two relatively equal parts: a summary and a
critical analysis. The summary consists of restating the article’s central points as
concisely as possible. In addition to summarizing, this part of the paper should include
the answers to the following questions:

What is the main point (inform, convince, etc.) of the article?
What conclusions does the author draw?
What evidence does the author offer to support the story? (Evidence can be historical,
biographical, or statistical). Determine and explain: Who or what is the source of author’s
The critical analysis is the most important part of the reaction paper. When critically
analyzing an article you should think about following questions:

Were you convinced by the author’s argument? Why or why not?
Is the argument logical? Is it consistent or does one part of it contradict another?
Does the argument support the thesis or might I use the same argument and come to a
different conclusion?
How does this relate to the class?
What have I learned in class that helps me understand and/or take issue with the story?

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