make it clear for both question and what paragraph is for what. No Plagiarism, Put reference if used.Post-truth (adj) relating to or denoting circumstances in which objective facts are less influential in shaping public opinion than appeals to emotion or personal belief.In 2016 Oxford Dictionaries chose post-truth as Word of the Year. You may read their explanation here: the past several weeks we have looked at a number of topics from mythological/poetic ways of knowing the world (perhaps pre-truth would be a forgivable neologism for it) and scientific ways of knowing the world, where truth is derived from facts and the scientific method. For this paper I want a brief, but clear and relevant, essay which addresses the following question:Do you see evidence of post-truth thinking and behavior in our culture regarding any large and relevant issues? Is this a good thing? Using what we have learned in class, what do you think about the concept of post-truth and how do you think it relates to mythical/poetic thought (‘pre-truth’) and scientific thinking (‘truth’ thinking?), is post-truth good for medicine, industry, ecology, public safety, etc.? What would a post-truth future look like?Papers should be 2-3 pages, concise, clear and well-reasoned. You will not be graded on your opinions but on your understanding of course content as it relates to the concept of ‘post-truth’, your presentation of evidence mustered to support your thinking, and the precision and clarity of your thoughts and writing.If you use any references cite them appropriately. Some of you may find this useful, it is a short video which applies reason and ‘truth’ based thinking to some topics often treated in a more pre- or perhaps post-truth manner.Video source: Conspiracy Theories Conspiracy

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