just paraphrase for the document. What did you think about the class? What essays were very interesting? What essays were not so interesting? What films/clips did you like? Dislike? Share any suggestions of future films/clips to show. In your own words, let me know what you learned from this semester and how the class affected your views/ideas on film and performances/cultural reflection. The minimum is 500 to 600 words. You will be graded on how well articulated your ideas are. Feel very free to share your opinions here!
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Surname 1
Learning film performance was fun and also eye-opening for me because I got to
understand film beyond its face value of entertainment. Basically, I liked this class much because
I am an enthusiast of films and film production and hence I got to learn much about acting and
aspects surrounding performance in general. I also got a chance to watch diverse films and
engage in analyzing them hence boosting my overall understanding of filming and film
performance. I also learned how to analyze performance styles and the different acting methods
from different eras and people in cinema. Generally, the course was interesting and also very
helpful in increasing my knowledge of films and also analytical methods of understanding the
I think the class is very helpful to students who are already engaged with films and have a
genuine interest of films. I became enthusiastic with films when I watched Robert de Niro’s Taxi
Driver (1976) sometime back and I was moved in the acting skills of this veteran actor. I then
found myself following every film he has acted before and this led me to further attention to
acting skills in film. On the downside, however, I believe this course is not for people who are
not already engaged with film and film performance. This is because it is highly analytical and
although one gets to enjoy the films, they have to delve into the history, cinema movements, the
actors themselves and themes that run in films. Therefore, although I enjoyed the course and
Surname 2
learned a lot from it, I believe it is not universal and it is meant for lovers of film and more so
those who are keen in analyzing films beyond their face value.
One of the essays that I loved in this course was the essay on actor characterization and
believability mainly because it allowed me to compare actors and understand why we prefer
some to others. It is not uncommon to hear people referring to a certain actor such as Denzel
Washington as their favorite actor. However, they rarely understand why they feel attracted to
such actors but this essay allowed me to expose this. For instance, looking at John Wayne in
Stagecoach (1939) allowed me to judge the actor’s performance and believability and hence
understand why his legacy remains. On the other hand, I did not like essays that were historyfocused. As I prefer analysis of performance, I did not like essays that focused on analyzing film
history and the eras which they were focused.
Moreover, one major advantage of this course is the long list of films that one can access
and watch whether for academic purpose or personal entertainment. I liked most of the films in
this course but my best were Her (2013) and Nosferatu (1922). The first film presents a weird
relationship between a lonely man and his AI assistant and the latter presents one of the early
vampire films. I found both very interesting because they were engaging and I also rank the
acting as the best.
Generally, the course was very informative and exciting in getting to learn new
information on films that I may have come across and I also developed my analytical skills of
film performance. Generally, I would recommend more peer interactions in the class and a
reduction in number of films, an aspect I found to be overwhelming. Elsewhere, I believe other
aspects of the course are perfect and with these two improvements, the course can benefit
learners better.

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