It’s a persuasive presentation on climate change. I will send more information after assigning the tutor.Topic:Purpose:Specific Purpose Statement:Central Idea/Thesis:Attention StepI. Attention GetterII. Topic Justification (“need to know”)III. Credibility StatementIV. PreviewTransition:Problem/Need StepI. Statement of the problem/the needII. Illustration of the needIII. Extent and seriousness of the needIV. Audience involvement (“pointing”)Transition:Solution/Satisfaction StepI. Evaluation of proposed alternative solutionII. Statement of my solutionIII. Explain the solutionIV. Illustrate/demonstrate the effectiveness of the solutionV. Refutation—Follow steps of refutation here1. Clearly state the argument to be refuted2. State your objection concisely3. Present reasoning and evidence to support your claim4. Explain clearly that you have refuted the argumentTransition:Visualization StepI. Negative visualizationII. Positive visualizationTransition:Action StepI. Summary A. Summary of Need B. Summary of Satisfaction C. Summary of VisualizationII. Specific action for audience to takeIII. Strong closing statement

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