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It’s Rehab or Be Grabbed:
Why drug abusers need to be taken in rehab instead of prison
Speech Overview:
Audience & Situation: We will be speaking to a USD board in hopes that they allot us the money
needed to work with a local Rehab Facility.
Topic: Rehab vs. Prison
General Purpose: To persuade my audience to give us the funds needed to properly work with a
local rehab facility.
Central Idea / Thesis: Sending those found with drugs to prison is ineffective and instead they
should be treated at a rehab center.


[Erin] My Uncle was arrested at age 22 for drug use. Then again at 24. One more time at
25. He died at 26 years old, with his sister, my aunt, following in behind. They both died
of drug overdoses. My uncle was arrested three times, and not one time, was
rehabilitation offered as an option. If it was, maybe he’d still be here, maybe my aunt
would still be here.

REASON TO LISTEN: This project and funding will benefit the students
of USD making them better citizens of the community as well as preparing them for the
future in terms of connecting with people.

SPEAKER CREDIBILITY: We are students of USD aiming for
changemaking. Part of being changemakers, we aim to change our community one step at
a time. As of now, we aim to better the lives of drug abusers by helping them seek out
better rehabilitation. However, before our research, we only knew vaguely about the mass
Incarceration that takes place in the United States, but now we have learned and
understood the topic and situation better.

THESIS: Rehabilitation programs located in San Diego need more
funding and volunteers.

1. First we will discuss what happens when one is found in possession of illicit
drugs, and the racial disparity in arrests in this category.
2. We’ll explore a solution that could have an impact on the problem.
3. Then we will discuss how to implement this solution.
TRANSITION: Mass incarceration for drug use is a prevalent problem in the United States.

NEED: Continuing to imprison people for illicit drug use is only hurting
our society, as well as the people involved in the arrest.

Annually, the United States spends 47 billion dollars on the war on drugs
(Drug Policy, 2018).

In 2018, 1,654,282 people were arrested for drug violations (Drug Policy,
2018) GRAPH
a.) 46.9% of those arrested were of Black or Latino descent (Drug Policy,
b.) This is especially interesting given that these racial groups only make
up 31.5% of the US population (Drug Policy, 2018).

In prison, approximately 50% of inmates are dependent on some kind of
substance, where only 10% actually receive treatment (Beginnings Treatment Center,
a.) The lack of treatment almost guarantees that upon release, these
people will engage once more in illicit drug use
i. According to the Justice Research and Statistics Association,
“75% of people who to prison are rearrested” where its only 57%
for those who receive treatment.
ii. Additionally, someone who is addicted to something such as an
opiod, is “likely to commit an average of 63 crimes per year”
(Beginnings Treatment, 2018)

As mentioned previously, the United States spends a large amount of
money in the war on drugs and a solution to this is rehabilitation.
a.) According to Foundations Recovery Network, “if only 10 percent of drugaddicted offenders received drug rehabilitation instead of jail time, the criminal
justice system would save $4.8 billion” (Foundations Recovery Network, 2019)
b.) Additionally, if 40% received treatment, 12.9 billion dollars would be
saved (Foundations Recovery Network)
TRANSITION: Luckily, there are systems and organizations in place aimed at helping and
supporting those arrested for drug usage.
B. SATISFACTION: To think locally, there are organizations and rehab facilities that with
your help as a volunteer, as well as more funding, can lead to a lot of people getting the help they

In Seattle, a program, LEAD has been implemented to help those with
drug addiction
a.) LEAD, “instead of jailing people with addiction, connects people
directly with the treatment and services that can actually get them sober”
(ACLU 2014).
b.) LEAD helps to actually get people sober, thus preventing the
likelihood of them being arrested again in the future for drug use.

Stepping Stone Rehab Facility is located in North Park and is known for
being an accessible facility no matter one’s race, gender, or sexual orientation.

On their website, they state how they are “dependent upon support from
the community” (Stepping Stone 2019).

With more funding, Stepping Stone would be able to reach broader
audiences as well as expand their facility to more places around San Diego.
a.) Additionally with more funding, Stepping Stone would be able to work
with local attorneys to begin implementing a program similar to LEAD
here in San Diego

Stepping Stone also offers volunteer opportunities that range from
working directly with clients, to behind the scenes work to ensure the facility is running

If allotted the money, Stepping Stone would be able to expand their
facilities to more places around San diego, and in that case, would need even more
a.) Sororities and Fraternities can work with Stepping Stone as one of their
philanthropy projects
b.) Stepping Stone puts on a variety of events such as the Living Out Loud Event
c.) This is a large event that sororities and fraternities can get involved in to make
sure it is adequately staffed, and runs smoothly

USD has an outreach program with the Kearny-Mesa Juvenile Detention
Center, and if given the money, we can begin a similar program with Stepping Stone
a.) Money will be used for transportation so students are able to get to the facility
b.) Money will also be used so volunteers can get properly trained through
seminars at Stepping Stone
c.) Like the Kearny-Mesa program, a program with Stepping Stone could allow
for extra credit opportunities, independent studies, or being able to opt out of a
final exam

This program would allow for USD students to get involved in something
bigger than them, and help the San Diego community
a.) By working with Stepping Stone, USD and USD students are able to contribute to
lowering the rate of those arrested and punished for drug use.
b.) Additionally, with enough funding and volunteers, Stepping Stone can petition
to begin a program like LEAD
TRANSITION: If we don’t have rehabilitation centers that allows a person a chance to recover,
imagine what these 1 million people are feeling who are being locked up, deprived of
improvement. Holding someone in constraint only build up more anger and hatred.

To be imprisoned is already punishment in itself. Imagine living in a
community where the imprisoned 1,654,282 people become much more colder and
resistant to change– that just means that they are going to be more powerful in the sense
that with all these built up anger and pain inside them, they’re going to rile up against a
lot of the members in the community. In a sense, they’re going to go against those who
decided to isolate them. And do we really need to have more turmoil and revolt within
our community? Economically speaking, we logically don’t need any more turmoil or
revolt in our community because it’s going to be expensive cleaning up the mess.
Philosophically speaking, we don’t need more of these challenges because, in essence, a
community is supposed to help each and every individual.

We are all part of a community, and being part of a community means that
we should take part in making the community better. San Diego is a good community,
but we can make it a better community by having care for our people. One way of
showing that we care for our community and its people is by making a rehabilitation
center or being part of a rehabilitation center that aims in helping a drug abuser recover.
Moreso, these rehabilitation centers are the solution in ending the war on drugs. Now,
imagine living in a community where drugs aren’t a problem– what a safe place it would
III. Conclusion

Recap: Rehabilitation programs located in San Diego need more funding
and volunteers.

Prison is not going to improve someone’s drug abuse, it’s proper care and
treatment through rehabilitation centers.

Organizations and rehab facilities with the help of volunteers, as well as
more funding, can lead to a lot of drug abusers getting the help they need.

To have a better community means that we should focus on the recovery
of the abusers and not the punishments they should be facing.

Call on all of your friends and relatives, especially those who have close
relations with those who are abusing drugs to volunteer in being part of a rehabilitation
center to help the community. Spread the word and support our local rehabilitation center
in making the community a safer place. Give us this funding that will pay for the
expenses needed. These funding can open up other funding that to which will create more
activities that will allow people to donate.

Time is of the essence, people. And we should act now and do it now. A
lot of you can simply start by signing on this project.
C. TIE BACK TO ATTENTION-GETTER: If my uncle and aunts and many others who have
their own uncles and aunt missed their chance at a better life, then let this be an opportunity for
those who have their loved ones lost in the abuse of drugs have a chance at a better life with
better treatment and care. So why not give some members of our community a better chance at
life? We may have one life to live, but we have multiple chances to live a better life– and
everyone deserves to have a chance in trying to live a better life.
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