Literacy is an area that crosses all content curriculum. Without mastery of reading and writing skills, many students will struggle to learn and demonstrate understanding in other content areas. It is important for teachers in all content areas to consistently integrate literacy skills into their curriculum, as well as assess them regularly to support the learning of every student for long-term student success.Write a 500-750 word essay that addresses: What it means to be literate and how literacy affects student achievement in your content area. How reading fosters long-term learning across content areas. Support this assignment with at least three scholarly sources.Review the article and additional resources on “Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas,” by Heller, located on the Adolescent Literacy website. URL:…View “Literacy in Other Disciplines,” by Coleman, located on YouTube (2011). URL:Read “The PEA Strategy: One Teacher’s Approach to Integrating Writing in the Social Studies Classroom,” by Sielaff and Washburn, from Social Studies (2015). URL:…Read “What is Content Literacy?” located on the Content Literacy 101 website. URL:…

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