Make a copy of this file. Name it YOUR FIRST NAME LAST INITIAL: Poetry Analysis Essay Planner, and share with Julia.EX: JEREMIAH B: Poetry Analysis Essay Planner THEN DELETE THIS HEADING._ The full text of your poem, including the author
__ The theme you will explore__ The literary elements you will analyze__ Your annotated Works Cited, which must include the poem itself andyour secondary source. BE SURE your format is perfect.__ A thesis statement* – Remember that this must be a response to yourcentral question, which is “What is the theme of the poem, and howdo the selected elements contribute to an understanding of thistheme?”
*We went over a sample format for the thesis statement in class on Wednesday: William Meredith uses metaphor and imagery to present the idea that author literary devices even though love can be uncertain, we should take the risks needed to sustain a committed relationship. theme

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