IntroductionThe Policy and Strategy (PolStrat) assessment package comprises two elements: a formatively assessed presentation which should assist to preparation of the summative assessment and a 3,900-word essay.AimThe aim of the PolStrat essays and presentations is to allow to demonstrate the ability to identify and analyse critically the principal issues, constraints and challenges associated with the formulation of strategy in the 21st Century. ScopeThe PolStrat essay and presentation requires to exploit the different theories and approaches to which they have been introduced to during this module, and to analyse and critically reflect on some of the theories, key challenges and issues in formulating and implementing Policy and Strategy. They aim to’ understanding of the some of the core debates and their ability to utilise different approaches and theoretical frameworks when applying them to specific issues and case studies.Questions: (UK vs China)Theme 1: Policy and Strategy. (What are policy and strategy; how are they made and what is the relationship between them?)Does either the political system of a state or the nature of its civil-military relations determines the effectiveness of its armed forces? Answer with reference to a case study comparing UK and China.*** Words count = 3900 words.*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

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