Portfolio Project Part 1
International Marketing Plan

This is the first part of the marketing plan that will be submitted in module 7. You will be conducting a strategic analysis of the country and product you selected in module one. You will explore the optimal way to take the chosen product into the foreign country you selected and develop a marketing plan to support its entry into this new market.

1. Executive Summary

The Executive Summary, which is always written last, is a high-level overview and provides major highlights of your project, you will add this to your submission in module 7 and it will appear first in your paper after your cover page.
This week’s submission should include the following:
2. Company and Product Description

Provide a detailed description of the company
Provide a detailed description of the product
Outline and explain the advantages of your product
Describe a list of product benefits and features
Discuss any additional product line opportunities you may consider for your target market

3. Objectives and goals

Identify the aims and goals of your plan in this section of the document.

Propose 3 specific goals for your plan
Clearly define what you hope to accomplish within the first year
Outline the objectives that will help you achieve each of the proposed goals

4. Overview of Country

Discuss the following items about the selected country:

Population composition
Marital status
Consumption patterns

5. Buyer Behavior

What do people normally do when they are considering purchasing and using a product?
How do they pay for it? Credit or cash?
Do they haggle?
Do they buy small or large quantities?
Your paper should be 4-6 pages in length (not including cover page and references) and conform to APA guidelines in the CSU Global Writing Center. (Links to an external site.) Include at least 3 academic or industry-specific references in addition to the course textbook. The CSU Global Library (Links to an external site.) is a good place to find these references.

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