Length: Roughly 1000 words 3-4 pages, double spaced 12 pt. type. Sources: Need at least two citations of authority properly cited, e.g. MLA Format.Suggested Topics: There are literally thousands of potential topic. If you are unsure you can
consult me before or after class or my email. Topics generally fall into two categories, generic
broad topics regarding certain business practices and issues or topics can be on a particular
person or event; for example:Ethical duty of corporations, corporate executives or employees to themselves, each other
and/or the public as it relates to various topics. For Example: Profit Motive; Whistle Blowing;
Environment; Sexual Harassment; Discrimination; Golden Parachutes; Mandatory Retirement;
Outsourcing; Moving Jobs Overseas; Minimum Wage.Ethical implications of specific events/happenings/policies. For Example: Banking Bailout;
BP oil release in Gulf; Enron;Bernard Madoff; Specific companies that move jobs over seas to
avoid U.S. legal restrictions on the environment, minimum wage and hours of work.Be Advised: Sample papers are provided by email. Those topics are not available unless you
get my prior approvalFormat: Introduction: Identify topic and state issue and argumentative position.
Argument: Explain the topic and ethical dilemma using two (2) of the ethical
theories we have learned, Social Contract Theory, Utilitarianism,
Kant’s Categorical and/or Producer Consciousness. Conclusion: Concluding paragraph summarizing why evidence and arguments
support your position.

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