they have designated you as a student ambassador to introduce Post  University to high school students. Prepare a four-slide video presentation explaining  the advantages and describing the process of enrollment in Post University. Instructions: You will prepare a presentation and provide a video recording of you presenting. o Presentation should have four slides not including the title slide and  references.  o Consider all guidelines we have learned in this unit to make sure your  presentation is effective and clear. o Each slide must have presenters notes. The presenter notes will be your  presentation narrative.  o After you are done preparing the presentation you will upload it to  YouTube. Creating an effective PowerPoint for an engaging presentation: o Utilize bullet points or images on the slides and keep words to a minimum.  Let your voice/speakers notes carry the message. o Have a unified theme. Requirements: You will submit your PowerPoint with speaker notes to the assignment in  Blackboard. You will copy & paste the share link from You Tube to the text submission box. You will include a title and a reference slide for any references used. 

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