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About: Harely davidson launch on the 2 bikes Bronx ( street fighter basically a smaller bike for the city) and Pan America ( Adventure bike basically a bike that you can ride in the city, on the highway and off road) that target millennials. Multiple pop up events, the same events but in different locations. In multiple known busy places in the US like the Motorcyclepedia museum in newburgh, new york and financial district in manhattan. Three days before the pop up, clues( like puzzles or a game) will be on social media about where the location is and a one day before the pop up itself the actual location will be given. The popup changes every month to different locations, but the pop up stays for 3 days. The event has pavilions where merch is sold, the two different motorcycles are in the popup and give people free test drives with a harley employee. One or two bike influencers or moto bloggers ( state names) will be in the event to grab people; but they change per pop up.

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