Lesson practice: Process Analysis Paragraph Objective By listening to the audio and following the rubric below, students will be able to write a process analysis paragraph, organize it, and use the correct structure and necessary elements to make it complete and coherent. Instructions Instructions: Listen to the audio file and follow the instructions below. The audio is voicing a process analysis paragraph. Once you have complied with the instructions included in the chart below, you will submit the paragraph with all the requirements. (24points). This assignment needs to be summitted in a Word document. It must no be converted in pdf. The following criteria will be used to evaluate the students work. 1. Listen to the audio, which is voicing a process analysis paragraph. 2. You will transcribe (write) the paragraph and submit it. Use the font size of 12 and Times New Roman for the type of font. Indent the correspondent sentence. Use double space. 3. The recorded paragraph does not include transitions. You need to include at least four transitions. Remember the rules for the use of transitions. 4. When listening to the audio, be aware of major and minor supporting sentences. 5. When listening to the audio, be aware of pauses for commas and periods. 6. The recorded paragraph does not include a title. You need to come up with a title. Remember the rules of capitalization when using titles.

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