Make sure you read and understand the description of the assignment, as this final IP is worth 100 points out of 1,000, i.e., 10% of your total grade. IP 5 supports the Course Objectives of:Create a portfolio and program strategy that includes each phase of the life cycle and the accompanying performance criteria and measurements to meet strategic business goals.Integrate the program and portfolio life cycles with established performance management criteria for the entire life cycle of a product or service offering.We opened this course by examining the conceptual aspects of organizing a program for success. We looked at the overall phases of programs and assessed the impact of organizational structures. We also addressed how projects, operations, and functional activities are connected in the total program with both vertical and horizontal integration. Then, in the second half of the course we proceeded to do a deeper examination of specific programmatic management components.Now it is time to elevate our examination to the next highest level, the portfolio level. I expect your paper to summarize portfolio management. If you follow the PMI doctrinal approach, the logical dimensions lead you to organize your study by examining:Portfolio Management Process GroupsPortfolio Management strategic importancePortfolio governance managementPortfolio communication managementYou may want to look at other dimensions that your research uncovers. Other authors may view it differently than the PMI. In fact, I strongly encourage you to look beyond the course texts (i.e., PMI, Kerzner, and Barkley & Wagner).It has been firmly established that the most effective programs are characterized by having highly integrated processes. Portfolio level management is clearly concerned with top-level integration. But “integration” must be more than a vague academic concept. Hence, one aspect of this IP is to have you explore the specific mechanisms which assure vertical integration starting at the portfolio level, and extending downward through programs, projects, operations, and functional activities. Hope this helps you get centered.Write a paper of approximately 5–7 pages in length on the Portfolio Management Process Cycle, which focuses on explaining the following:Portfolio Management Process GroupsPortfolio Management strategic importancePortfolio governance managementPortfolio communication managementBe sure to include a minimum of 5 peer-reviewed references.

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