IT Driving Business Strategy and Digital Transformation
Select an industry (your industry or another) and consider how IT systems and business strategies focused
on digital interactions can transform the way companies are doing business. IT systems can transform how
a company interacts with its customers, partners, and suppliers, how employees do their work and the entire
nature of how a company operates. With the concept of “digital enterprise” companies may be rethinking
their entire approach to doing business, relying on IT/digital systems for efficiencies, geographical reach,
around the clock operations and novel ways of engaging with customers. Innovative companies are also
disrupting traditional industries and even creating new industries – examples include Amazon (the
“everything” store), Airbnb (a marketplace connecting travelers and hosts), Uber (ride-sharing), and many
others. Your Challenge:
Select a prototypical company within your selected industry (it could also be the company you are working
for) and create a proposal on how the company can use IT technologies and systems to change the way it is
doing business and transform itself. Consider the current and long term challenges the company may be
facing (competitive pressures, the need to reduce costs, the need to increase efficiencies and productivity,
ability to grow and expand, evolving customer preferences and needs, etc.). Your proposal should provide a
comprehensive approach to use IT technologies to address the company challenges. Outline the future
vision of how the company can be operating with the use of IT and digital technologies, and provide
examples of how the new vision will impact interactions with customers, partners, suppliers, internal
operations, and employee activities. Try to be creative and innovative in using digital technologies to
transform business strategies. Explain the steps needed to implement your strategy and initiate a digital
Create your response to this challenge as a proposal you will submit to business strategy leadership in your
selected company. Format your response as an APA paper and include a bibliography with
references/sources you have consulted in preparing your proposal.

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