1. Complete an APA formatted 710-page paper on the supply chain management of a desired company. Use the subject areas covered in at least three chapters of the textbook as well as scholarly journals to support your project. You should incorporate the core values as it relates to your desired company. For example, “My company is Toyota and My selected topics that I would dwell on include: Toyota supply chain and management, location strategy, Toyota Supply Chain Innovation for competitive advantage, J.I.T (just in time)/inventory management, technological Innovation for better customer service, components of the supply chain management, and job design. Toyota’s operations management team strives to maximize efficiency to support the company’s broader cost-cutting goal. As a retailer, it is accountable for various quantitative and qualitative productivity measures related to human resources and other internal/external business activities. This company has put in place a top-notch logistics to achieve globalization (domestic U.S. and Global Logistics) that is primarily based on its Total quality management.
2. ” You will also present a PowerPoint presentation summarizing the above-written assignment with a time limit of 20 minutes.

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