(final document) must include all topics. This was week 1 instructions.

Components of Leadership, concepts and planning processes, Organizational structures of staff, motivational and influence theories and models, strategic plans and all the components utilized, organizational budget planning, quality improvement, and the health professional as a manager.
Sub-headings must be clear as well as supporting detail information..

 Below are the topics we discuss throughout the weeks. all of the topicsc must be included in the final document. 
Discuss the pros and cons of the dual role of a Health Professional as a Manager in the organization. 
  discuss the plan for Quality Improvement in your organization.
  discuss the Strategic Plans and Components within your organizational structure.
  discuss the Motivational and Influence Theories within your organizational structure. 
 discuss the Organizational Budget Plan within your organizational structure.
  discuss the Organizational structures of staff within your organizational structure.
  discuss the components of Leadership concepts and planning processes within your organizational structure.  

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