InstructionsOverviewThe purpose of this assignment is to further your understanding of late adulthood.InstructionsUse the Essay Rubric to guide your essay writing.Please watch the Ted Talk Seeking Immortality What do you think about the biologist’s claim that aging is a problem society needs to address? Do you agree or disagree and why? What are the advantages and disadvantages of developing ways to slow aging or repairing the damage of developmentally normal aging? What are the ethical concerns? What might the consequences be, both positive and negative, for a culture that pursues the slowing of aging? How might such pursuits impact this stage of development according to the theories we have studied?Submit this assignment to the assignment folder.Notes:Checklist for Maximum Points:Essay focuses primarily on theory and research, integrating both throughoutDemonstrates strong, in-depth thought, insight and critical thinking of concepts and application from the module readings and other scholarly sourcesUses a professional, academic writing style with no grammatical or spelling errorsEssay is 1,000 or more words in lengthUses three academic sources, two of which are from academic, peer-reviewed journalsUses correct APA in-text citations throughout and includes an APA reference pagePlease see the Essay Rubric for assessment criteria.See the Course Schedule and Course Rubrics pages in the Syllabus module for due dates and grading information.Ted Talk link:

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